"We Get Wild" is from the soundtrack for the movie "Be Somebody" and features Kid Vishis performing his hit single, "We Get Wild". The video includes highlights from the film.


Staring: Rashad Phillips

Director:Eric Wheelwright

Producer: Eric Wheelwright

Vickie Winans "Releas It"(Music Video)

Be Somebody (In theaters 2018)


Staring: Vickie Winans

Director: Vickie Winans

Segment Director: Eric Wheelwright

Producer: Vickie Winans

Editor: Eric Wheelwright

Richard is a writer who travels from New York City to Detroit, Michigan to complete an overdue novel. Although he is under increasing pressure from his publisher, Richard's daydreaming is preventing him from completing the story. A month into his trip he is encouraged by his best friend, Karl, to take on the persona of one of his characters in order to come up with an exciting novel to submit to his publisher. Richard runs into a major problem when he meets a beautiful Latina woman named Alexandra and lies to her about being a high-roller while he's "in character." He finds himself in the middle of a gambling ring run by local gangsters and is forced to "Be Somebody" else in order to get himself out of the situation, but he quickly learns that he isn't the only unfortunate soul in the cross-hairs of a local syndicate.

Release It is a powerful video that tells the story of 3 individuals and their struggle to overcome adversity. Set to the inspiring song "Release It", performed by international superstar, Vickie Winans, this video is life changing!

Steve Harvey is hilarious in this documentary style movie that showcases Harvey, shortly after his transition to radio.


Staring: Kid Vishis

Director:Don Overton

Produced By: Don Overton, Greg Qualls and Eric Wheelwright

Drone Pilot and Jib Operator: Eric Wheelwright


Staring:Melvin Jackson Jr., Cisco Reyes, Brenton Herwat and Dinana C. Salinas

Producers: Don Overton, Gregory Qualls, Eric Wheelwright and Melvin Jackson Jr.

Written By: Don and Carla Overton

Directed and produced by Eric Wheelwright, "Disco On the Court" is a video that showcases the incredible Ball Handling skills of basketball legend, Rashad Phillips.



Staring: Marcy

Director:Eric Wheelwright

Video Written By: Paul Allen and Eric Wheelwright

Rashad Phillips "Disco On the Court"

Marcy "Everything" (Music Video)

With more than 18 years of industry experience, Eric Wheelwright's credit list for producing films, TV shows, music videos and national commercials is very extensive. Below are only a few of the projects that he was involved with.

Essence Awards Tribute to Cissy Houston

Vickie Winans "Hilarious & Uncut"

The 40 Year Journey of Marvin L. Winans (Coming Soon)

More Eric Wheelwright Credits & Film/Video Projects

Steve Harvey, Mary Mary, Marvin Winans, Jacque Reid, Thomas Miles,
Eric Wheelwright

Steve Harvey "Inside the Mix"

The Brady Keys, Jr. Story. Keys, a former all pro defensive back with the Pittsburgh Steelers parlayed a stellar National Football League career into a chain of fast food restaurants and a business empire, Keys Group. Follow Brady Keys' journey from the streets of Austin, Texas to the top of the minority business community. Mr. Keys' list of achievements are unparalleled and paved the way for legions of minority businessman and women who followed his principles.

Vickie Winans is back again and funnier than ever in this hit comedy show, "Vickie Winans - Hilarious & Uncut!" With several awards under her belt, including several Grammy's, for her singing, Winans' has quickly become known for her comedy, earning her the title "The Comedianna" - the hilarious story-telling Queen!


Staring: Vickie Winans, Shawntay Dalon, Catherine Martinez, Vincent Yarbrough, Robert Wheelwright, Kirsten Byrd, Sune Howell and Mike Hardey

Producer and Director:Eric Wheelwright

Video Written By: Eric Wheelwright

Kid Vishis "We Get Wild" (Music Video)


Prince of all media


Staring: Brady Keys Jr.

Producer: Leon Isaac Kennedy

Segment Director: Eric Wheelwright


Staring: Kelly Price, Marvin Winans, CeCe Winans, Tyrone Foster, J.J. Hairston, Chante' Moore, Cissy Houston, The Youthful Praise Choir

Segment Producer and Director:Eric Wheelwright

The Brady Keys Jr. Story

The Essence Awards pays tribute to Cissy Houston, the mother of Whitney Houston and 2017 Essence Gospel Tribute Honoree, at the 2017 Essence Music Festival.

"Everything" tells the story of unrequited love. Directed by award winning director Eric Wheelwright and set to the song "Everything" which was produced by Grammy award winning producer Paul (PDA) Allen and written by PDA and Marcy, this tale is as ageless as time.

The 40 Year Journey of Marvin L. Wianans catalogs the life of one of the most recognized names in the gospel industry, "Marvin L. Winans." It tells the story of one man's faith and personal struggles from the perspective of those who knew him best! 


Staring:Marvin L. Winans, Delores Winans, Donnie McClurking, Tim Bowman, Renee Compton, Cindy Flowers, Spencer Ellis and Penny Hollenbeck

Featuring: Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Arsenio Hall

Producers:Eric Wheelwright and Candace Bowman

Director: Eric Wheelwright